CIW Course in a Nutshell – the epitaph

CIW Course is no longer the documentation of the Internet Webmaster Training Course

Hello! many years ago Stephen Walker invested in some quite expensive distance learning. This orphan WordPress Blog is the only remaining remnant of this doubtful education.

…distance learning outcome

CIW Course in a Nutshell managed to attract a steady stream of visitors. However, this has tailed off over recent months. This style of WEb Site management is no longer in vogue.

This was quite an extensive training course provided by Scheidegger. From my point of view it was a huge disappointment and I feel that I was mis-sold this course.

I had been looking for Web Design training. What I got was Web Design Management traing. A distinctly different training objective. And, not what I had been looking for at all.

However, it had provided me with the incentive to develop various Web Sites, culminating in MS Health Blog my latest creative offering.

There is, of course, my attempt at personal branding in the shape of Holly Hapless which also fell by the wayside.