Visual Studio is not a programming language. But, Visual Basic, C#, C++ and VB.NET are programming languages supported by this Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Hello! many years ago Stephen Walker was a computer programmer using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. The time has come to re-enter the programming life and Visual Studio has been chosen as the tool of choice.

Stephen Walker

Embarking on any new lifestyle journey is a very exciting time. So, beginning a new learning process, long after leaving school, can be a challenge. Visual Basic for WPF is very different from Visual Basic 6.0.

Furthermore, I am now advancing in years. Learning is always more difficult as you get older and I have the added hurdle of impaired cognitive function.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1994. MS is an autoimmune disease that leaves me struggling with mobility, concentration. Thought processes are seriously reduced and choosing to try and learn a new programming language will be difficult.

Choosing Visual Studio 2019

I will be honest, I was hesitant to pick Visual Studio. I knew it to be a professional Microsoft software development tool. So, I assumed it would come at a hefty price tag.

Being disable and out of work, it is nearly impossible to consider making any significant outlay for any software that is not absolutely essential.

So, when I discovered Visual Studio Community, I was delighted. The community version is nearly a full-featured version of Visual Studio available completely free-of-charge.

It is natural to make comparisons with Visual Basic 6.0. because this is a product that I am familiar with. But, by doing so, I will try to make Visual Studio and WPF work in the way that I have been familiar with.

However, this would be wrong and the full benefit of WPF in Visual Studio would not be realised. It will be necessary to wipe the slate clean and forget all that I know about Visual Basic 6.0. and start afresh.

Why Cognitive Improvement Workout?

You may while perusing this blog. wonder about the title. Cognitive Improvement Workout doesn’t really mean anything. It hasn’t got that essential ring to it.

But, Cognitive Improvement Workout means a great deal to the blog author. This domain was lying around gathering dust. So, always keen to recycle anything that can possibly be used.

The CIW of did have a specific meaning in an earlier blog. But that is irrelevant here. The author needs the blog to now be about learning and mind improving.

All posts on this blog will pertain to bettering your mind to some degree or other. So Cognitive Improvement Workout is perfect for the purpose.